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Rabbi Ramon Widmonte was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He attended Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut, Israel, where he was privileged
to learn from Rabbi Yehuda Amital, z”l, Rabbi Aaron Lichtenstein, z”l and
להבחל״ח Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, shlit”a.

He also holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

He has worked as the youth Rabbi at Sydenham Shul, the Rabbi of Bnei Akiva South Africa and of the Bnei Akiva Minyan; Director and Rabbi of Mizrachi South Africa; and
is the co-founder and Dean of the Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning
(, a cutting-edge Jewish adult education program. He is a popular speaker across South Africa and has presented in the USA, UK and Australia.

Rabbi Widmonte and his wife, Julie, are blessed with are blessed with three children,
Batya Chaya, Yonatan Ya’akov Yitzchak and Aryeh Tzvi, נ״י.

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