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Tiferet Yisrael and more...

About eight years ago, I began teaching the Maharal. The introduction of the Tiferet Yisrael had struck me as both rawly authentic, honest and relevant, as well as powerfully uplifting. I began searching for better materials to support my own learning and teaching and, in particular, I felt that what was needed was a presentation of the Maharal's thought in all its expansiveness, to enable a student to grasp the global picture he paints.

With Hashem's help, the Tiferet Yisrael is now available in English, published by Urim. To empower incremental learning, each chapter is subdivided into manageable sections, with a short summary
therafter. To enable a global vision, each chapter has a graphic summary which encapsulates the entire set of foundations of each chapter (see below). There are copious footnotes and sources and at the end of the work is an extensive commentary on more challenging parts of the work, as well as detailed indices. The first volume also contains a brief biography and bibliography of the Maharal.

Lastly, for educators, there is an educators' guide, available on request (via email) as well as extensive supplementary materials. Enjoy!


Here, I've included some samples of the Graphical Summaries. Enjoy!

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