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Welcome to the Site and the Blog :)

Welcome to the site and to the blog!

For those who are new to my horizons or to the Maharal or any of my other projects, it's great to connect with you.

My journey has led me on some enchanting paths with fascinating mentors. The site introduces some of my writings, shiurim, projects and programs.

The Maharal of Prague has guided my thoughts in many ways - culminating in the publishing of the first volume of translation and commentary on his Tiferet Yisrael. The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning ( has been a channel for learning and teaching thousands of people in a setting of engagement and thoughfulness. The Ride4AfricaIsrael ( is a unique synthesis of social upliftment, love of Israel, hi-tech, environmental conservation and wellness. Jerusalem Marathons have occupied a niche of their own, blending wellness in spiritual and physical realms. Poland tours are a Journey to Life for myself and the many participants and survivors with whom I've been priveleged to grow. Lastly, the Horizons Bar-Mitzvah Program is my attempt to make the process of becoming Bar Mitzvah relevant and uplifting for boys, their families and their communities.

Please feel free to browse the site, use the material and please contact me with any feedback.

Kol tuv,


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